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Why go walking with the trundl app?

Why go walking with the trundl app?

Why go walking with the trundl app?

A non-competitive walk for health and charitable giving.

You’d think we’d accidentally given you the answer there, but the truth is, that’s only the start! trundl is a walking app that turns your everyday walks into charity donations. Since our launch, we’ve built ourselves a community of like-minded businesses and individuals that understand the value of regular physical activity and supporting charity work across the UK.

But what is a trundl?

A trundl is counted through the trundl app in steps and kilometres, so whether it’s a ramble, a stroll or even a run, all types of trundls will make a big difference.

The best bit?

There’s n0 competition. We don’t set a minimum or maximum personal distance, there’s no time limit and no leader-boards. It’s just you, a pair of sensible shoes (we hope) and the big wide world.

Unfortunately, we can’t track treadmills, swims, bike or horse rides…yet!

But you might decide to “Go trundling” when you :

  • Take a walk during your lunch break
  • Pop to the shops and wander through the aisles
  • Get out of the office and go for a walking meeting.
  • Walk the dog (or borrow one for the weekend)
  • Meet a friend at the local garden centre
  • Start rehab after an injury/operation
  • Take part in a charity walk/marathon

There’s lots of ways to get involved with trundl, and when you choose to leave the car at home and walk instead, you can press the CO2 saver button and do even more good for the environment.

Walk for health and mental wellbeing

If you needed a little accountability to help form a healthier habit, did you know that you can also use our trundl app to set yourself personal fitness goals? You might decide that you want to walk more often, walk further, increase your step count or just use the car less.

Being outside in nature – whether that’s a park, a tree-lined street or an open landscape – is great for your mental health and with trundl there’s the additional boost of knowing you’re giving by walking too.

All steps count towards your good health and charity donations

The beauty of trundl is that you don’t have to commit to any daily, weekly or monthly targets. Just make sure you save your trundl at the end of any activity, regardless of how long or how far you were able to go. If you forgot to press “Go trundling” or lose internet connection during your walk, you can manually record the results using the data from your GPS, in app tracker, phone’s pedometer or another activity app such as Strava.

Never lose a step again!

Got any questions? Did you know that we have a list of FAQs over on our website? You can find them here and if you have one we haven’t already answered, get in touch with us at