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Walking for health – why movement is medicine

By November 27, 2023news & updates
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Walking for health - why movement is medicine

At trundl, we’re keen to help support UK charities; improve our nation’s health by getting everyone walking; help save the planet and create a like-minded community…and we want to get it all done by tea-time on Friday! In all seriousness though, we have high hopes for our walking for health and wellbeing app, and our charity partners all have similar values.

We’re currently trundling for MOVE, a charity dedicated to encouraging the health benefits of regular movement and exercise for those who have received a cancer diagnosis or are living with or beyond it.

In the past, clinicians advised that those undergoing cancer treatment were to rest and avoid physical activity. Since the 1990s, however, research has shown that an exercise program consisting of half an hour’s aerobic exercise, three times a week, was able to improve quality of life, physical function, fatigue, feelings of anxiety and depression.

It has also been found that keeping a regular routine after receiving a diagnosis of bowel, prostate or breast cancer is fundamental to improving a person’s survival rates, as well as stabilising their condition.

Walking can improve health outcomes for everyone

Whilst it may not be a “cure” per say, increasing the frequency of exercise, even with something of low impact like walking, can increase blood flow, which in turn mobilises the immune cells, improves the delivery of chemo and immunotherapies and hopefully, slows down cell division relating to cancer growth.

It’s pretty clear that we could talk about the amazing research being done in this area until the cows come home, but the point, for us, is this > our bodies are absolutely incredible. Phenomenal even. It’s really important to keep ourselves moving as often as we can, for both our physical and mental wellbeing.

Supporting and inspiring to MOVE against cancer

That’s why we love working in partnership with MOVE for Cancer. Their 8-week progamme for 13–30-year-olds offers free, tailored 1-1 support to help build strength, fitness and confidence.

And through the ‘5K Your Way’ initiative, that takes place in more than 85 Parkrun locations on the last weekend of each month, MOVE members, friends and family can join to walk, run, cheer or volunteer.   Each month, when we see the cheerful and active photos that come out of the 5k Your Way events, we’re reminded that we’re joined up with a special network of people who are making a difference to the lives of others, whilst overcoming some of the most challenging circumstances they’ll ever face.

We’re so grateful to everyone who chooses to walk for health and walk for good to support UK charities with their trundls. And grateful too for all the brand partners who team-up with trundl to bring additional donations. If you’d like to learn more about MOVE, their online programmes or podcast series, you can visit their website here.