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Walking charity The Ramblers becomes a trundl partner

By June 1, 2023charity news
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Walking charity The Ramblers becomes a trundl partner

We’re delighted to share that walking charity The Ramblers has joined up with trundl as a charity partner.

The Ramblers are a lovely fit with trundl’s core mission of encouraging people to become more active by walking outdoors in nature.

Not only are they Britain’s largest and most vibrant walking charity and community and a huge champion of the benefits of walking with their ‘Wellbeing Walks’ programme, but since 1935 they been committed to campaigning to keep our countryside open to all.

Only 8% of England is available to roam on and Ramblers fight for our collective right to wander. For example, through the ‘Don’t Lose Your Way’ programme, they’ve identified over 49,000 paths that are at risk of being lost.  With a new deadline imposed that threatens to cut off applications, donations can help fund the development of online maps and tools to build applications for these lost paths, train volunteers to clear paths or support challenges to restricted rights of way.

We’re super proud to be partnering with the Ramblers to support their wellbeing and access causes. From 2-15th June they’ll be part of our new ‘Nature Go’ trundl for all of our outdoor charities, including National Parks UK and Sussex Wildlife Trust, generously sponsored by Sykes Holiday Cottages.

So, if you’re a trundlr, don’t forget to press Go trundling and add your steps to these important causes.

Thank you