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Turn any walk into a charity fundraiser with the trundl app

By November 21, 2023news & updates
trundl walking app | Turn any walk into a charity fundraiser with the trundl app

Turn any walk into a charity fundraiser with the trundl app

trundl is a walking for charity fundraising app, supporting some of the UK’s most hardworking outdoor and mobility related charities, with the help of our lovely membership community and brand partners.

Without a doubt, most people are having to make every penny count this year. And our hard-working charities have been no different. Unfortunately, falling income and inflation has left some of these organisations in jeopardy. To give you a bit of an idea – in 2022, only 35% of charities were feeling anxious about whether they would be able to continue their work. This year, that figure is more than 50%.

There are of course many businesses doing their best to support the charities closest to their heart by committing to CSR partnerships (Corporate Social Responsibility) that will make a real difference. But if we as individuals also team-up together, there is more that we can all do.  And we aim to make that easy to do, simply by joining trundl and going out walking.

For those new to trundl, it’s a non-competitive walking app that tracks your steps and keeps a record of your kilometre coverage.  When we hit our community target for each charity walk, we donate to the respective charities from the 30% of income that we reserve for donations.  This can be topped up by generous additional funding from brand partners.

So, who have we been helping so far thanks to the fabulous walking efforts of our members and how else do they fundraise?

Fundraising examples by some of trundl’s charity partners

  • National Parks. You might be surprised to learn that our 15 lovely National Parks are carefully looked after by a bevvy of incredible volunteers as well as qualified conservationists. Whilst they do have access to government funding, there are still huge gaps that need to be filled. Thankfully, they do benefit from corporate partnerships – BMW, Revere, Palladium are just some examples. They also inspire personal fundraising efforts like those undertaken by Jenny Lowthrop – Peak District – as well as ongoing regular funding through us at trundl
  • Dogs for Autism. This is a charitable organisation that trains assistance dogs to improve the lives and wellbeing of those with autism and their families. In addition to their ongoing partnerships, Dogs for Autism has been fortunate to benefit from headline-grabbing support. Like being selected for last year’s Jingle Jam and being adopted as a charity by VW Owners club, who not only raised over £80k for them, but also came together to do a ‘big build’ on their new training centre. They get ongoing regular funding from partners like trundl, and are sponsored by OSCAR Petfoods, who support by supplying nutritional needs for puppies in training.
  • MOVE Cancer Charity. MOVE was founded in 2016, with the aim of supporting those who have been diagnosed with cancer, and their families, to get active and safeguard their wellbeing. Fundraising for the charity takes many forms, and spans across donations, hosted events and personal event sponsorship such as London Marathon, The Great North Run and The 3 Peaks Challenge. They also receive support from corporate partners, plus the ongoing donations from smaller partners like trundl, who created an additional boost through forming a sponsorship partnership with shoe cleaning saviour, Boot Buddy

As you can see, supportive partnerships are incredibly valuable to our UK charities. A little bit definitely goes a long way. So, whilst the current economy presents some “creative challenges” for sourcing charitable donations, year-round fundraising efforts like trundl allow them to make plans for the future, knowing they are supported.

If you would like to find out more information about our charity partners and how you can enjoy trundl in your routine, please do take a look around the site or get in touch at