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trundl: Make the simple act of walking count for your business

By January 19, 2024trundl news
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trundl: Make the simple act of walking count for your business

Walking can really count.

Did you know that our simple walking for charity app can improve the state of wellbeing within your business and team?  One of our company members has been happy to share how they walk the walk for their people and for trundl’s outdoor and mobility charities.


CPMG is an award-winning architecture and interior design firm based in Nottinghamshire. As well as providing top-class services to their clients, doing the right thing by the planet is high on CPMG’s priorities. Among other actionable pledges, they are a signatory to the RIBA 2030 Climate Challenge and part of the SME Climate Hub, affiliated with the UN Race to Zero framework.

All of which made trundl membership a perfect choice for them when they were looking for healthy staff engagement initiatives.  And in September 2023, they took it a step further by offering to co-sponsor trundl’s first CO2 Saver walk* for The Tree Council, which will fund the planting of fruiting trees and hedging in an urban UK school.

 Valuable contributions.

A couple of months ago, trundl Founder, Hilary Mines, went to visit the CPMG team in Nottingham to chat about their experience as trundl members so far.  Here’s what Sara Harraway, Director at CPMG, had to say:

What caught CPMG’s attention when you first heard about trundl?

‘As a company, we’re enthusiastic about giving back on many levels. trundl is an easy-to-use way of encouraging us to step away from our desks and enjoy some fresh air for better physical and mental health.  It also converts our everyday walks –no matter how far they go – into valuable contributions to worthwhile charities’.

How does being trundl members align with CPMG’s own values and mission?

‘At CPMG, we pride ourselves on being people who support people. trundl allows us to continue this outside of the office environment as there are no limitations on where or when the app is used’.

Why did CPMG decide to sponsor the first CO2 Saver event for The Tree Council*?

‘We love the fact that this wasn’t just about planting a tree.  It was all about growing a nature connection for generations of school children. For over 20 years, CPMG has been designing schools. We appreciate the value that high quality environments and their surrounding landscapes can contribute to educational outcomes. Raising awareness of the power and importance of nature at this stage is critical for a sustainable future’.

Since using our walking for charity app, how has CPMG maintained staff interest? Are there any positive results or feedback that you can share?

 ‘Even though walking with trundl isn’t about beating the clock or being top of the leaderboard, we at CPMG can’t resist a little healthy competition!

While joining trundl is completely voluntary, many of our staff members have participated and become part of the community. We appreciate being able to track our monthly progress and donations. Whether it’s a five-minute or a five-hour trundl, it allows everyone of all levels of fitness to participate and enjoy themselves while doing so.

Some have even been surprised at how much they do add to the Community trundls simply through their normal everyday activities like a commute or even just a trip to a corner shop!’


So, there you have it.  We’d like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to CPMG and all our amazing brand partners, for joining forces with trundl to support our brilliant charity partners.


Together we are trundl. It’s a walk, but better


*CO2 Saver School Orchard Planting with The Tree Council

One of the popular features of the trundl app is an optional CO2 Saver.  When members choose to walk rather than drive for a short trip, they can toggle this across before they go trundling with the app.  Using BEIS calculations, the app estimates the potential CO2 savings they make and these are accumulated for both the individual member and the whole collective membership.

Each time the total CO2 Savings reach 500 KG through the app, we host a dedicated Community trundl for The Tree Council.  The funds are used to plant fruiting trees and hedging in a UK school.


In this way trundl helps The Tree Council to do so much more than plant trees. Not only do the orchards improve the air quality and bio-diversity in the playgrounds where the planting takes place, they also inspire and nurture stronger nature connections for successive generations of school children.