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trundl – Founded with Purpose

By November 11, 2022news & updates
trundl walking app | Founded with Purpose

trundl - Founded with Purpose

As defined by UnLtd, a social business “is an organisation whose purpose is to create impact, but has a financially sustainable business model to continue to make a difference. It sits in between a commercial business and a charity, often described as profit for purpose”.

Unltd are themselves a UK charity, helping such businesses to launch and thrive through provision of a number of services, including funding, mentoring and business planning support. If you relate to the definition outlined above, click on the link to find out more

Anyone who knows me knows how passionately I believe in the potential of trundl to become a powerful social business and a real force for good. Recent estimates from UnLtd suggest that there are over 100,000 other social enterprises across the country, contributing £60 billion to the economy and employing up to two million people.

While this shows the great potential of the sector, I also firmly believe that you cannot “fake” a social business. If you aren’t passionate; if you don’t 100% believe in the changes you can make; if what drives you is more about the profit than the purpose, then people will see straight through it.

There’s no denying that the journey with trundl so far has sometimes been a roller coaster for me, Tess and the team of people who lend support, including some great friends and patient family members. But, whenever I refocus on the vision of what we can achieve together as a community, with our members, our charities and our business partners, the potential sends tingles down my spine every single time and it keeps us all going, even in the inevitable unearthly hours.

If you are thinking about starting your own social business then ask yourself one key question.

If you lost everything trying – would it have been worth it?”

 If the answer is yes, then do it. Because you never know what you can achieve until you turn your idea and your dream of changing the world into reality and that takes a lot of guts.

To all those who already have done it and are leading from the front; I take my hat off to you with much respect and hope to see you soon to share stories and continue that vital learning curve.


Originally published on LinkedIn

Sharing some thoughts and resources about social businesses and what it really means to put purpose at the heart of your business, rather than it being a marketing device.

Founder Hilary Mines is determined that the success of trundl will be judged by the amount of money we can donate to great causes and the lives we can help, while also standing proud as a healthy business.

No small feat, but solid foundations have already been laid – do get in contact if you’d like to chat or know more.