Looking for charity walks?

trundlrs come from all walks of life

Whether you’re a regular walker or need to build up some walking stamina, as a trundlr you can feel fantastic by doing a whole world of good for your health while supporting some great UK causes.

And all without having to raise the donations yourself.

trundl walking app | A good habit is hard to break
Trundl Walking charity app | trundle membership

We don’t judge how far or how fast you go, we just love that you’re out there, doing your bit

Regular and dog-walking trundlrs

Perhaps you love getting out to explore new or favourite routes most days?

If you love the idea of repurposing any walk or dog walk into a fundraiser, once you join trundl, it’s as simple as pressing ‘Go trundling’ on the app.

New trundlrs

Keen to boost your health and fitness, but maybe gyms or classes just aren’t for you?

With trundl, you’ll feel motivated and rewarded no matter how far or fast you go – even an extra 15 minutes walking a day can make a difference to your health.

Rehab and recovery trundlrs

Do you need to improve your mobility after rehab or injury, without overdoing it?

With trundl, even the shortest walk counts towards the collective fundraising goals and seeing your contribution on the cheerful trundl app can bring a great sense of achievement.

Mental health trundlrs

You know it’s good to get outside more often, but need some friendly encouragement?

If so, the non-competitive trundl app could be right up your street. You’ll feel more connected to nature and an important part of a community that’s on a mission to do good.

Company trundlrs

Are you a big-hearted business that cares about its people and charitable causes?

trundl can inspire your employees to do good for their health on weekdays and weekends, while also doing good for charity.

Click here for more details on company trundling.

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trundl Walking App | Map of the UK
4% of our trundlrs live in the North East
43% of our trundlrs live in the North West
3% of our trundlrs live in Scotland
2% of our trundlrs live in the West Midlands
5% of our trundlrs live in the South West
7% of our trundlrs live in Eastern England
2% of our trundlrs live in Wales
20% of our trundlrs live in the South East
4% of our trundlrs live in the East Midlands
9% of our trundlrs live in London or Greater London
1% of our trundlrs live in Yorkshire & Humberside

A membership that's creating a movement

People from all over the UK are coming together and using trundl to repurpose their walks and raise money for charity, without having to source the sponsorship themselves.

As we grow, we’d love to hold group walks in membership hot-spots so you can meet fellow trundlrs, and enjoy the feel-good vibes.
And with more charities joining us soon, where else can you support lots of UK charities at the same time simply by going walking?


For just £3.99 a month*, you give to important causes simply by walking, and get rewarded for doing so.
Feel fantastic every day by walking for your health, and charity, in an easy-to-use app.

* inclusive of VAT, cancellable at any time. We donate a minimum 10% of our revenue to our charities, with the brand partners making up the rest

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