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trundl for big-hearted businesses

Inspire your employees to get walking outdoors and do good for charity.

By encouraging and rewarding regular exercise in the fresh air and supporting a culture of caring, trundl can be an invaluable addition to your staff health and wellbeing programmes.

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trundl team with Jin Designs at Sussex Wildlife Trust, April 2022

“Getting out and doing good has never been so simple or rewarding, especially when we can all do it as a team within our business.”

Mark Philpott
CEO, NPH Group

Trundl app | Brand partner NPH Group
“If you’re a regular walker or looking for an idea to bring a team together, I’d highly recommend it.”

Neil Lloyd
MD, FBC Manby Bowdler

Trundl app | Brand partner fbc manby bowdler solicitors
“It’s a real positive to know I am doing something good for charity, not just for me, with every walk I do. And it’s simple to use too.”

J Whitby
Sales Geek, Cheshire East

Trundl app | Brand partner Salesgeek

Are you looking for workplace health and wellbeing ideas that are accessible to all staff?

Inclusive. No competition. No pressure. Members set their own walking goals, so it’s ideal for all fitness levels and abilities. Monitor how every step helps towards fundraising targets.

Everyday use. Members can use trundl whenever they like, weekdays and weekends with no restrictions.

Supports health. All steps add up with trundl – walking for just 15 minutes a day can improve mental health, increase alertness and creativity, and reduce stress.

Would your company like a simple way of giving to more charity and environmental causes?

No hassle donation. We donate 30% of our total income directly to our handpicked causes and brand sponsors add even more. Your staff just have to press ‘Go trundling’ on the app whenever they walk.

CSR and ESG benefits. Membership can support your corporate social responsibility goals.

Do you need fresh ways of uniting employees and supporting their wellbeing?

Creates community. Brings together employees wherever they work with the common purpose of doing good and having fun

Personal reward. Staff will feel motivated, inspired and rewarded as they unlock badges in the app. They’ll also enjoy generous offers from brand partners.

Supports productivity. trundl membership encourages walking meetings, which have been proven to improve personal connection and productivity.

trundl membership sounds like a great fit for my business.

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  • Excellent customer care. A dedicated account manager ensures your contract and onboarding runs smoothly
  • Flexible contracts to suit your business
  • Pricing of £3.33 (ex VAT) a month per person
  • You decide on staff membership – no quotas
  • We don’t sell your data or run in-app ads
  • Contribute to good causes without having to raise all the funds yourself
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Charities we currently support:

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Want to add value to your health and wellbeing programme, and raise money for charity?

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