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We get it, you like the idea but you've got some questions. Let's see if we can answer them here...

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Going trundling

Who is trundl for?

trundl is for anyone who needs to get outside in the fresh air and start walking more regularly and likes the idea of helping others as an incentive.

It could  also be that you’re already a regular walker doing the school run, dog-walk or commute and you want to put that activity to good use.

And the only difference to a regular sponsored walk is that you don’t have to raise all the funds yourself and there’s always a fundraising walk to join in.

You do yourself and a variety of outdoor and mobility-related charities good simply by getting out of the door and getting going.

What counts as a trundl?

A trundl is essentially most forms or walk or run that can be measured in steps and kilometres by your phone’s pedometer.

Even the shortest trundl counts towards our charity support. That can mean a trip to the shops, a lunchtime walk with a colleague or a short stroll if you’re differently abled, are recovering from injury or are in rehab.

If you like to hike or run for miles and want to dedicate your efforts to some great causes, these can of course count as trundls too. Sorry, but for now, trundl can’t track swims, treadmills or bike/horse rides.

How do I set my personal trundl goals?

If you like to give yourself activity goals, you can set up what trundling looks like for you in the ‘Me’ section. This includes how many times you want to get out, for how long and/or how many steps or kilometres each time.

With the CO2 Saver, you can also indicate that you plan to swap a certain number of car journeys for trundls and each time the app will calculate the potential CO2 Saving that you made.  Good for you and great for the planet.

If you’re not a fan of goals, you just have to press ‘Go trundling’ each time you’re going out for a walk and the trundl app will work its magic and add your steps to the Community trundl-ometer and convert everyone’s efforts into donations.

If you do set goals and don’t always reach them, we understand that life can get in the way and will never make you feel judged.  However, when you trundl, we donate. So it makes sense to keeping trundling.

Your trundls will also earn recognition through our cheerful badge awards and hopefully you’ll feel inspired to take up some of the offers from our brand partners as a well-deserved thank you too.

How much is trundl membership?

Our membership price for founding individual and company trundlrs is £3.99 per month , including VAT.

For this, you will receive an ad-free experience of the trundl app, with no upselling or selling of your data to 3rd parties and no need for you to raise or make donations.  If you take up offers from our growing group of like-minded brand partners, this can help to offset the fee.

We know you’ll love the app but  have no intention of making life difficult if you want to leave, so you can cancel at any time from your app profile page. Please see “How do I cancel my membership” instructions in General FAQs.

We will keep everyone updated via the website, newsletter and social channels to changes in our membership pricing, but our intention is to maintain current pricing for our early members for the duration of their membership.

How are my trundls recorded?

Every time you press ‘Go trundling’ and join a Community trundl on the app, your steps are added to the overall target set for that charity’s trundl.

They’re also added to your goals if you have set them.  Even if you haven’t set goasl, you can review all your trundls and maps in the ‘Me’ section of the app.

In the ‘Me’ section, you can also see how much money your walking has raised.  If you’ve joined trundls that were sponsored by a brand partner and are a regular trundlr, you could well find that you have helped to donate more than your monthly fee.  That’s what we call trundl magic.


What if I can’t complete all my trundls?

We know that sometimes we just can’t get out as we intended, so we won’t penalise your fund-raising good intentions.

Whether you can trundl regularly or not, we always give a minimum of £500 plus 10% of our total income towards the charity trundls. And if you have selected some favourite charities in the app, we will ensure that everyone’s choices are recognised by the number of Community trundls each charity is given across the year.

We will of course encourage you to get back to trundling when you can so that you can add your own steps to the Community Charity trundls to do good for your health and wellbeing, raise funds for others and get recognised and rewarded for your efforts with our inspiring badges.

I love the summary map, will you do interactive maps too?

Through the GPS, we do record the route you’ve taken, so at the end of every trundl you can see the shape of each trundl and be able to review past trundls in the ‘Me’ section of the app.

It’s an expensive business to build interactive maps and there are some brilliant resources already out there.  Our research told us that most people either already have their preferred source of mapping and route planning or simply like to wander and follow their noses when they go out.

Do please  give us your advice and feedback, we really welcome it. Email us at

Can I link my devices to my trundl?

As we are in our first stage of development, we’re sorry that we cannot do this just yet as it can be wildly expensive to add this as a feature and we’re keen to prioritise the charity-giving aspect of trundl.  So, for now, please use the app through the phone that you’re happy to take outdoors with you.

I forgot to press “GO” when trundling; can I manually update my record?

In the March 2023 release of the app, there are new options to upload lost trundls.

If GPS dropped out, the app may have logged some of the trundl and in the ‘Me’ section of the app you can retrieve it.

If you simply forgot to press ‘Go trundling’, there is also a manual upload option that allows you to log your estimated distance and this will be added to the Community trundl that is in progress.

What if I have an emergency when out trundling?

We recommend that you have an offline location identifier on your device or about your person to give the best location information should something happen while you’re out trundling.

What 3 Words is also a useful means of providing a location identification if you are off the beaten track.  We recommend downloading that too.

What is a CO2 Saver?

A CO2 Saver is when you choose to leave the car behind and take a trundl instead.

By setting up your car size in the ‘goal setting’ tool on the ‘Me’ page, trundl calculates the estimated CO2 that you have saved. Good for you and great for the planet as we all need to do our bit.

Our calculation is made per car and not per person and is based on petrol car calculations advised by the BEIS. It is meant to provide a general indication of CO2 savings from driving only – not taking into account speed, age of car or ‘grey emissions’ arising from vehicle production, road infrastructure or extraction, transportation and processing of the crude oil.

Those driving diesel cars can assume a higher overall CO2 emission of 10-13%, while electric vehicle emissions are significantly lower – up to  80% for a vehicle with a European-made battery.

Giving to charity

How are the charities selected?

As trundl is all about encouraging people to get active outdoors to do themselves and others a lot of good, our charities fall into two broad categories. On the human side,  with Dogs4Autism, MOVE against Cancer and The Trussell Trust for example, we support mobility in all its forms.

On the environment side, through National Parks, Ramblers and the Sussex Wildlife Trust,we’re helping to protect our national environment and wildlife heritage, making sure that we and future generations can continue to enjoy  even more of the UK’s beautiful natural world and open spaces.

Can I trundl for my own charities?

As we grow our membership, we will indeed be able to add more charities to our roster.  And across the year we also support a number of Guest Charities for our Community Charity trundls,  so one of these may be for a cause that is also close to your heart. We’ll keep you updated through news and notifications of all upcoming charity trundls.

For companies, there is a new option to run a parallel fundraiser for a cause of your own.  If this is of interest, please get in contact at: and we’d to tell you more about it.

How does the charity selection work in the app?

In the GIVE section of the app you will find a list of all our core charity partners.  You can choose one, some or all of them and everyone’s choices will be reflected in the number of trundls allocated to each charity across the year.

Each month, we donate a minimum of £500, plus at least 10% of our total income to the Community Charity trundls and brand sponsorship brings even more donations.

We encourage everyone to join all the Community trundls, even if it’s not for a cause that you selected. All the charities need our urgent help, so every step you take will genuinely make a difference to them and, of course, to your own health and wellbeing.

Thank you.

How much does trundl donate to the charities?

Each month, we’re proud to donate 30% of our total income to the Community Charity trundls and brand sponsorship brings even more donations. In 2022 we donated over £5,000 and as our membership grows and our brand partners increase, we will be able to donate even more.

Importantly, we do not charge our charity partners a fee for being part of the trundl community

And if you look at the ‘Me’ section in the app, you’ll be able to see how much money your own trundling has raised – all without you having to donate anything yourself.  If you’re a regular trundlr, you may well find that you’re often helping to donate more than your monthly fee.

This is where the magic happens. All our steps add up together and when we combine these donations, we’re all making a bigger impact than we could achieve on our own.

How do I know that the charities will get the donations?

trundl has Commercial Partnership Agreements with each charity and are subject to open audit by them.
Each month we send a donation statement to every charity with our donation payment. You can also see how much has been raised so far here

We have been recognised by the Fundraising Regulator and follow their code of conduct. They are the independent regulator of charitable fundraising in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

What is a Community trundl?

A Community trundl is like a collective sponsored walk where you don’t have to go raise funds or sponsorship yourself.

Our unique trundl-ometer measures all our combined walking distance over a set period of days or weeks. The dates, distance and charity we are raising funds for are clearly shown on the GO page of the app. You participate as and when you please, on your own, in a group or with family. We are a virtual community.

Your own personal contribution is also recorded  – you’ll do yourself proud when you look at the ‘Me’ section of the app and see how far you have gone and how much you have personally helped to raise.

trundl donate a minimum of £500 eadh month, plus 10% of total income plus brand partner donations to the charities each month, in accordance with the amount set on each Community trundl.

One person’ steps, when added to those of many others, really does add up to a powerful force for good.  Good for your health and wellbeing and good for the charities that we support.

What happens if we miss the Community trundl target?

If we don’t collectively reach the target on the trundl-ometer, we donate the percentage proportionately.

But we’re here to raise money so we try to strike a balance between a good stretch, yet attainable target each time.

Check the app for the latest upcoming Community trundl.

Do you offer Gift Aid?

As we are a business that donates to the charities from our income, we are not able to offer gift aid.

Getting rewarded

How do the badge rewards work?

Milestone badges that celebrate your achievements are redeemed automatically.

Some examples include: How far or how many times you have trundled; how long you have been trundling; and recognition for saving CO2 by leaving the car at home regularly.

How do I find and redeem the offers?

Press the gift box GET icon on the bottom right of your app screen and you’ll find the GET section that houses your badges, offers and news.

Press the Your Offers button to review our brand partners.  To redeem your offer: copy (android only) or make a note of the offer code in the green box. Tap the green code button and you will be taken to the brand partner page. Redeem your offer code at the checkout or follow the instructions on the partner page.

Enjoy your well deserved rewards.

What sort of offers might I hope to see?

All of our partners have been selected by trundl for their quality and genuine alignment to trundl’s own mission through offers that relate to the outdoors, nature and animals, health and wellbeing and positive social interaction.

All current partners support trundl’s fundraising mission even further by sponsoring  Community Charity trundls.

Through this lovely partnership ecosystem, we truly hope that you’ll be able to redeem more than your monthly subscription over the course of your membership and perhaps discover new British brands you had not come across before.

How do you choose the trundl brand partners?

Ideally, our brands originate in the UK or are at least well established and represented here.

Crucially, they have to have a genuine desire to help people be outdoors and active and have authentic environmental credentials.

They have to share our passion for making a difference to our trundl membership and the causes that we support.

I’m a potential brand partner, how do I get in touch?

Please read our FAQ How do you choose the trundl brand partners above? If you feel you are a good fit, we’d love to hear from you.
Please click here and send us an email telling us a little bit about how you came to hear of us and what products or services in your range you feel are a great fit for our trundlrs.

General FAQs

Why has trundl been founded?

UK charities have been under funding pressure for years and Covid-19 made the situation even worse.  It’s not that people in the UK aren’t a generous or decent lot, we are.  It’s more that fewer of us carry cash in our pockets and many people want to give to a wider range of causes, but like to know where and how their donations have been used.

At the same time, many people find it hard to motivate themselves to take regular exercise or find something missing from their regular walks.

So, on the principle that a few negatives make a positive, we’ve created trundl. We make it good for people to get outside in the fresh air and get moving – good for trundl’s charities, good for the environment and good for the health and wellbeing of the trundlr.

Will you launch a Family and Friends version?

Our ‘multi-player’ version is being considered, but we’ve focussed efforts on the Individual and Company trundl offerings first to ensure we get that right.

Feedback is welcome on your wish to see a Family and Friends or a Couples version of the app. Send comments to

How much is trundl membership?

Our first-stage membership price for individuals and companies is £3.99 per person per month, including VAT.

For this, you can personalise the walking app element to suit your trundling goals and habits and keep track of your healthy walking progress.  You can also take pride as your personal impact upon donations and CO2 savings mounts up.  And of course you can access the generous offers from our brand partners.

We know you’ll love the app but we have no intention of making life difficult if it’s not for you, so you can cancel easily at any time from the app profile screen.

Why can’t the app be free?

We know there are lots of apparently ‘free’ apps around, but inevitably these will have to be funded somehow – either by advertising, selling data or ‘payment creep’ as features start to be priced in.

We will not do any of the above.  We focus upon delivering a cheerful, healthy and rewarding trundl membership experience and donating as much of our revenue as we can.  At the same time, we’ll work hard to build our list of partners so that you can redeem tangible value through offers and we can donate more to our charity partners on your behalf.

How do I cancel my membership?

We will be sorry to lose you, but you can cancel your membership at any time from the app, with billing ceasing after the end of your current monthly billing cycle. We do this to ensure that the charities still receive the benefit and commitment of that month’s trundling.

We’d love some feedback before you go in the hopes we can help understand why you don’t want to stay, however, we don’t want to make it difficult for you to leave so if we really can’t encourage you to stay and help us make trundl better please go to:

Your ‘Me’ section – bottom right of the screen.

Scroll down to ‘Settings’
There you will find the “cancel my subscription” button. This will take you to a payment cancellation page and we will also send an acknowledgement confirming when this has been done.

Or if we can help and you would like to chat please contact us here: and yes it will be a human, not a bot!

How do you ensure people are honest trundlrs?

We have yet to see a dishonest trundlr and like to think that people come to us with genuine intentions to do good for themselves and others by walking.

This said, we do have an alert monitor that can record the speed of a trundl and if this is deemed to be a car ride, the distance is not recorded.

We reserve the right through our Terms and Conditions to delete this from a Community trundl.

How can I find out about Company Membership?

You may want to have a look at the ‘Membership’ section on the main website, where you will see a drop-down for companies.

By encouraging and rewarding regular exercise in the fresh air and by supporting a culture of caring, trundl can be an invaluable addition to your staff health and wellbeing programmes.

We’re already trundling with more than 6 companies, please do get in touch if you would like to learn more:  We’d love to hear from you.

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