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trundl App: Tell us more…

By July 1, 2021October 3rd, 2022news & updates
trundl walking app | Trundle founder Hilary

Hilary, or Hil as she much prefers to be called, thought of the concept of something like trundl about 15 years ago. The enforced down time of the pandemic gave her time to start looking at it afresh in July 2020.

Fast forward and trundl is getting ready to launch. That makes it sound so simple, but anyone who has ever been involved in building a brand, an app, a website and partnership and member programmes will know that this is no mean feat (we’ll take you behind the scenes in a future post).

The whole concept of trundl as the only “non-competitive” monthly membership that motivates you by giving back to charity when you get out in the fresh air more often, sounds deceptively simple, but there has been a lot of thinking behind it.

When asked how she would sum trundl up Hil said:

“We’re using the concept of a continual sponsored walk as the motivation to help people be more active.

The collective efforts of all us “trundlrs” will grow to generate a bigger impact for UK charities than we can achieve on our own.   A trundlr just has to press one button on our cheerful trundl app to GO and they can help improve their own physical and mental health and help others in the process.  And if they exchange car-rides for a trundl, it becomes a plus for the environment too.  A win-win all round.”

How does it work?

We know it’s not always that easy for someone to just get out of the front door, but we also know that giving back to others can be a really powerful incentive for many people. We donate a minimum of 10% of our income (not profit, income, many donate only 1% of profit) to our UK charity partners.  Separate donations from our brand partners will boost those funds further, meaning that we’re encouraged to trundl more in order that they give more. And on top of this, when trundl members join, they receive exclusive offers from our growing list of brand partners through the GET rewarded section of the app and stand the chance of replacing their membership fee through those offer codes.

We like to say YOU GO. WE GIVE. GET REWARDED. But most importantly, together we can have a massive impact on people’s lives in the UK through our charity partners.

Why do you think people will love trundl?

“We’re appealing to good old British decency by asking people to rally round in support of some great causes and in the process do good for their own health too. Our early bird offer of £3.99 per month is not insignificant, but as our community grows, collectively we’ll all start to make a huge difference for our wildlife, our environment and National Parks and to the people and families living and dealing with mobility or disability issues. By charging a small subscription for the app we are able to keep advert free, we won’t try to up-sell you to a “premium” product like so many once you are with us and we don’t ever sell your data on to other companies,so you can rest assured you are in safe hands. It’s a small price to pay  for the triple whammy of keeping active, helping raise funds for  great charities without having to do the fundraising yourself and hearing about the impact you are having, plus being rewarded yourself too.

We’ve been really conscious of putting choice into the hands of our members. Not only can they set their own trundling goals and go at whatever pace suits them, through the app they can also choose which of our charity partners they’d like to dedicate their monthly trundls to as well as joining in with our Collective trundls for a specific cause.

Importantly, we’ve responded to a hot concern among charity givers and we will always tell our members where their money has gone, what their efforts have achieved and which projects the funds will go to.

We want everyone involved to be really proud of what their trundls have achieved and be able to say “I’m getting out more, I’m proud to be helping our charities, helping change a person’s life and our surroundings, I’m proud to be part of trundl and it’s community”.  If we all do our little bit, however short or long our trundl is, together we can help effect transformation for lives and the environment around us.

Being able to deliver a great trundling experience for members and raise a bundle of money for some great causes in the process would make me beyond proud that a 15 year-old dream has been realised. But we can’t do it without you. If you think you resonate with what we’re saying, register your interest, learn more about us and give us your feedback.

To all who have given their help, from a simple like on a social post, to some great ideas, feedback and support, no matter how small. Thank you.