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How can you make every walk a good one?

With a ‘buy one get one free’ offer that’s actually good for your health and wallet, good for some great causes and shouldn’t put weight on your hips!

If you’re planning to do some walking this summer, our Summer trundl Bundle is a brilliant way to repurpose your walks (no matter how far or fast you go) and be part of a force for good that helps raise funds with ever step.

We’re more affordable than many exercise regimens and our ‘gym’ (the great outdoors) is never closed…

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Joining trundl is like being part of a sponsored walk that you can step into at any time without having to raise any funds yourself. 

And with encouragement from cheerful badges and great offers from brand partners that can be redeemed through the app, it’s rewarding in other ways too.

At £3.99, 2 months of trundling for the price of 1* is a great way to do good with every walk this summer.

Heard enough?

Join trundl and help make every walk a good one.

* trundl is a membership subscription where at least 10% of total income is donated to charity and where you can redeem back value through discounts and offers from brand partners. We call this GO GIVE GET: when you GO, we GIVE and you GET rewarded!
Our Summer trundl bundle gives you two months trundling for the price of one. We don’t hold your credit card details. At the end of your Summer trundling it’s up to you if you stay with us. We aim to always be transparent and never sell your data. We can be reached by email here or talk to a human, yes on a real telephone, remember those, on 01260 633260.