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Step up to more healthy walking in September

By September 6, 2023activities, news & updates

Go walking with the trundl app this Autumn

September is FINALLY here, and it’s widely regarded as the month of reset and refocus. It’s also considered as the most productive month of the year too, so if you haven’t got your teeth into anything yet, we’d like to invite you to step up to more healthy walking in September and introduce you to a walking challenge from one of our charity partners.

The initiative is called “Step Up September”, and it’s being launched by the Trussell Trust, a charity who support a nationwide network of food banks. The challenge is to walk 30 minutes every day this September, and “put your foot down on UK hunger”.

Here’s why it’s important.

Close to 3 million emergency food parcels were distributed by food banks in the Trussell Trust network over the past 12 months (2022-2023), the most ever distributed by the network in a year.

In fact, the number of people who used a foodbank for the first time rose to 760,000. This represents a 37% increase on the same period the year before, which is a significant jump(1).

Support The Trussell Trust walking challenge

So, how can walking help? We thought you might be keen!

They’ve set up a virtual walking challenge which you can do in your own time, at your own speed and over your own distance. So, you might decide that it’s a 30-minute stroll with your neighbour, or even a 30-minute power walk round the block. The choice is yours and there’s no competition.

You can sign up to the challenge over on their website (link below). Once you’ve registered your details, you can set yourself a fundraising target and share your activities with those around you, as well as on social media. Then, all that’s left to do is start the clock and plot your progress!

And if you’re a member of trundl, you can also join our regular community walks for The Trussell Trust.  We’ve been running one in early September and the next one will be in November.

Like trundl, The Trussell Trust believe in the power of one, multiplied thousands of times, and of course we love a challenge that gets us outdoors and active, even if it looks like rain! So, we’re giving it a go altogether, and we really hope you’ll join us too!

You can find more information about the charity, as well as more details on the challenge itself here

Step Up September with The Trussell Trust