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Step into action in February walking for World Cancer Day

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Step into action in February walking for World Cancer Day

Step into action this month walking for World Cancer Day with trundl’s charity walking fundraiser

World Cancer Day is just around the corner

trundl has an exciting announcement that will get you moving! In collaboration with Move Against Cancer, trundl is launching a special one-month charity walking fundraiser, encouraging individuals and companies alike to join in and make a positive impact.


Setting a community walking goal with the trundl App


Are you ready to make a difference with trundl’s easy fundraising initiative? Here’s how we do it: trundl sets a community walking goal on our app. Every step you take, no matter how many, contributes towards that community walking goal. As certain goals are reached, trundl donates more to Move Against Cancer to add to the fun. Look out for notifications on your phone when you join in.


Our vision is to turn your everyday walks into impactful contributions

Hil, founder of trundl said:


Essentially, the vision behind trundl’s initiative is simple yet powerful. Not only does the trundl app help you track and map your everyday walks, your support costs no more than the price of a posh cuppa for the entire month. And then, when individuals and companies come together, the combined impact can truly change lives and enhance the communities we live in. As well as contributing to a good cause, everyone boosts their own physical and mental health, one step at a time!


How individuals and companies can unite for a common cause


For just £4.99, individuals and companies of any size can join in. As soon as you starting using the trundl app to record your daily walks throughout February, you can track the impact on your own individual or company impact board. You can also monitor your CO2 savings and help create something bigger as they add up towards the membership’s total.


The impact you can make supporting cancer patients


Your participation in trundl’s walking fundraiser can help cover the costs of crucial work for MOVE Against Cancer. For instance, funds raised can support the cost of an 8-week exercise program for a young individual dealing with cancer, with each program costing £500. Alternatively, £1000 can help set up a new 5K Your Way support group in the UK.


Let’s Move Against Cancer!


Join trundl in making a positive impact this World Cancer Day. To get involved sign up today. You can join in at any time in the month of February. 50% of your membership will be added to the donation fund as we all step into action for our own health, one walk at a time, and collectively MOVE Against Cancer!