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Podcast: Move Against Cancer

By August 19, 2022August 23rd, 2022charity news, news & updates
trundl | Walking App | Move Against Cancer Podcast

Not all heroes wear capes

How walking with trundl can support MOVE Charity’s work with young cancer patients

This week we’re walking for MOVE Charity and, as always, we are blown away by the stories that come from the people they help and the energy and imagination of the brilliant team leading the charity (many of whom are living with or beyond cancer themselves).

Their podcast series aims to explore the unseen and unspoken aspects of cancer treatment and recovery journeys, talking to amazing young people as they ‘navigate their way through the unimaginable’ to help, reassure and inspire others who find themselves facing a cancer diagnosis.

In this latest podcast Lucy Gossage talks to the amazing Conor Fleming about how he has found his own way to move against
cancer and how he has strived to ‘crack on with life’ despite everything cancer throws at him.

As Lucy notes, ‘not all superheroes wear capes; some wear camouflage. Connor is one of those’.

Listen now here

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