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Nurture children’s health and connection to nature with trundl!

By October 27, 2023activities, news & updates

Nurture children’s health and connection to nature with trundl!

Why is it so important to have a healthy connection to nature?

Autumn is here!  Many of us remember childhoods packed with healthy walks, collecting up seasonal treasures and absorbing the glorious transformation of the world around us. Things are quite a bit different now.  So how can we prioritise the wellbeing of our family, nurture our children’s health and connection to nature and persuade our children to come walking outdoors with us?

Healthy walks outdoors are still important in winter

Firstly, it’s really important to acknowledge why getting outdoors is so important, even in the darker, wetter months.  Between October and March, levels of natural sunlight will become depleted, which will then reduce the amount of vitamin D that your body is able to produce. And, with only 10% of your body exposed to the elements, you’ll need to spend much longer outside to generate the same amount of vitamin D each day. And why else is it important to get out and about, even when the weather is a bit soggy?

Walking and being active in nature supports mental health

Research shows that spending more time out in nature can reduce stress, improve confidence and help you achieve a more positive mindset.  So, what are some brilliant activities that you can do with the children to enjoy this wonderful windy time of year?

Outdoor activities to boost wellbeing for all!

First off > den building! As the gusts of wind blow through our gorgeous woodland areas (and they really do get quite blustery in the autumn!), big branches and little twigs start to fall. If you take the time to collect them up, you could spend hours building your perfect fort, cosy hideaway or even a house for some of our wildlife friends. It can also be a great opportunity to open up conversation and you’ll definitely get a workout whilst choosing the right materials. Foraging for spongy moss, and looking out for the animals rustling in the undergrowth nearby is fun.

Second > foraging! This can be a great opportunity to get some of the older children outside. Armed with a handy guidebook or a print out from your local wildlife trust, you can head for a walk amongst the trees, along the coast or even in some of our incredible countryside. Take a look around for the various types of fungus, berries and creepy crawlies. There’s so much we can learn by getting out and seeing these incredible things for ourselves.

Lastly > star gazing! It might not seem like the most obvious choice on some of our wetter days, but with a little preparation, you can create some incredible memories. Grab yourself a thermos of hot chocolate, some warm woollies, a blanket and some torches and head outside on a clear night to enjoy some of the most amazing celestial displays. You might even decide to light yourself a fire and bring some marshmallows for a cheeky midnight treat! With no school tomorrow, it won’t matter if there are some sleepy heads by morning!

Every walk with trundl can make a difference to your health and to our charities

We love seeing our wonderful community going walking out and about, whatever the weather! We really believe that every step can make a huge difference to some of our local and national charities. In fact, we recognise that there is amazing potential in the power of one, multiplied by many. That’s why we’re grateful every time you track your trundl, whether it’s a quick trip to the shops or one of the activities mentioned above. If you haven’t given trundl a go, why not head over to the app store and download it today? You get a FREE 21 day trial when you sign up, a perfect motivation to get everyone outside over the half term.