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Living beyond cancer: Small steps can get you to the same destination

By June 7, 2022June 22nd, 2022charity news
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Living Beyond Cancer: Small steps that can get you to the same destination

Chatting with Jade, we were not only moved by the gruelling rollercoaster nature of her experience with cancer, we were also hugely inspired by the honesty and humour she showed in sharing her story. Jade has so much smart advice for anyone wanting to build up their fitness when facing or recovering from cancer – and when you look at her final conclusions, it’s clear that many of the tips apply to anyone starting or restarting a fitness journey. Thanks Jade.

Things I have learnt from my MOVE Charity and cancer journey (Jade Diebelius)

  • Listen to my body and mind
  • Start small and build up
  • Try new things without judgement
  • It’s okay to have a bad day
  • Don’t compare myself to others or myself before cancer
  • Live in the moment and appreciate where I am
  • Have fun with exercise

Jade Diebelius is an Operational Officer with MOVE Charity and is an ambassador for the newly launched Hockley Woods 5K Your Way Group in Essex

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