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How does walking for charity app trundl decide which charities to support?

By June 21, 2024news & updates
trundle the walking for charity app

How does walking for charity app trundl decide which charities to support?

It goes without saying that a walking for charity app needs to have some charities to walk for.  But at a time when all charities need help, from the start we had to create a fair charity protocol. Being a totally new way of everyday walking for charity, selection needed to be clear and relevant.


And furthermore, it was important that we did not over-promise.  With this in mind, we set out to ensure two things.  Firstly, that the charity donations our members raised by walking would make them feel proud and rewarded. And secondly, in a related manner, that the funds would also be meaningful to the charities.

Supporting charities relevant to outdoor walking

In essence, trundl is on a mission to encourage people from all walks of life to go out walking more often. The motivation and reward for building this walking habit is that all trundls with the trundl-app convert into charity donations.

So in order to build relevance, focussing on UK causes that align to the outdoors and support mobility was key.

the charities supported by trundl the walking for charity app

In the case of ‘Outdoor’, we divide that into protection of our natural heritage and preservation of national wildlife.  When it comes to mobility, this covers those facing rehab, disability or mental health challenges.


Creating a balance between large and small charities that present their services locally was also important. Even large UK charities like the National Parks, The Trussell Trust or Ramblers welcome regular funds that can support their regional or local needs.  And we know that our members love seeing the impact that their walking can make on smaller charities like MOVE Against Cancer, Dogs for Autism, The Tree Council or Sussex Wildlife Trust.

You can read more about the core charity partners here.  It’s important to say that we regularly bring variety by walking for relevant guest charities like The Country Trust.  As our membership grows, we will be able to support even more charity partners and guest charities. Simply through the power of walking.