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Benefits of walking everyday can keep the doctor away

By August 20, 2023news & updates
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The benefits of walking everyday can keep the doctor away

A recent study published by the BBC now suggests that a daily walk CAN and DOES prevent
1 in 10 early deaths.
That’s huge!

It’s a well-known saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

Turns out, that was a 19th century attempt to boost the consumption of apples! But the principle of healthy eating has stayed with us ever since.

In fact, a recent study published by the BBC now suggests that a daily walk CAN and DOES prevent 1 in 10 early deaths. That’s huge!

Of course, our team at trundl had to get to the bottom of these brilliant statistics! It’s not just because our walking app is aimed at building a more active community, but also because many of our charity partners – like MOVE Cancer Charity and Dogs for Autism –  are focused upon getting people outside and moving more freely.

What do we already know?

Researchers at Cambridge University  [

say that doing some exercise is far better for your health than doing nothing at all.

Whilst we hope that conclusion isn’t too ground-breaking           for many of you, it was surprising to learn that most individuals struggle to do even the minimum recommendation of weekly exercise, which is currently 150 minutes. That’s just over 20 minutes a day.

There are, of course, lots of reasons why people are walking or exercising less – we’re far busier than we used to be, we’re less connected to our community and, well, all this rain isn’t helping much!

So, where does this statistic come from?

“The research team looked at hundreds of previous studies on the benefits of physical activity, and concluded that even doing half the recommended amount could prevent one in 20 cases of cardiovascular disease and nearly one in 30 cases of cancer.”

That’s excellent news!

Becoming a member of trundl.

If you’re keen to do a bit more for your health and add more walks to your week, why not join our community of like-minded walkers – or trundlrs as we call our members? We’re all working together to walk for good, raising money for charity with every km. So, if you can find the motivation for even a 10-minute power walk during the day, that’s fab for our collective fundraising effort that’s recorded on the app’s real-time trundl-ometer!

We love it when our community shares their recent trundls on social media, so do let us know what you spot whilst you’re out and about walking!

**read the full article here from the BBC