Meet the walking for charity app for individuals and companies

trundl. It's a walk. But better

Why just have a walk when you can make a great impact?

Trundl charity app | walking tracker app | Charity fundraising app

Introducing trundl, the walking for charity app that helps you make an impact on the important areas of your life:

Be motivated to boost your health and wellbeing by walking.

Feel connected by helping important UK charities.

See your CO2 savings grow when you trundl rather than drive.

And all without having to raise any funds yourself as trundl and generous brand partners do the giving.

See how individuals and companies can make an impact with every step.

trundl. It's a walk. But better

You GO walking..

Press ‘GO’ on the easy-to-use trundl app to step out in support of great UK outdoor and mobility charities. And watch your CO2 saving rise when you leave the car behind more often.

..we GIVE..

No need to ask anyone for sponsorship. Each month we give 30% of our total income to our UK outdoor and mobility charity partners. And generous brand sponsors top up with even more. GET rewarded

Enjoy generous offers from outdoorsy UK brands. Be chuffed to see your walking and fundraising impact grow and feel inspired by motivating badges to keep on trundling for good.

trundl is for all types of walkers and businesses

If you need to boost your wellbeing and be more active outdoors, or want to improve your fitness, but need an extra nudge, trundl offers many good and  rewarding reasons to go out walking regularly.
Businesses also love trundl. It’s a great way to unify teams and get people active outdoors, with a built-in boost to mental health that comes from being able to help others with every step.

Ready to trundl?

Enjoy the app free for 21 days

become part of our force for good, wherever you walk

Meet the walking for charity app for individuals and companies

Say hello to our generous brand partners

We’ve teamed up with great brands to give you marvellous offers, and are busy working on more partnerships. All part of our Go Give Get membership promise.

Trundl app | Brand partner | SYKES Holiday cottages
trundl walking app | Oscar Pet Food Logo
Trundl donation app | company partner | Jin Designs
trundl charity walking app | Trundle app brand partner bootbuddy
Trundl app | Brand partner Paw Buddy
Trundl donation app | charity partner British Pet Insurance Services
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Exercise your kindness with the friendly trundl community

  • Enjoy a unique, ad-free outdoor walking app that has a giving twist
  • Use the app to join any charity trundl with no need to raise funds yourself
  • Feel good by helping charities and your health
  • Help the environment by ticking ‘CO2 Saver’ and walk rather than drive
  • Feel chuffed with your walking and giving progress
  • Benefit from enticing brand partner offers
  • All for just £3.99 a month *Inclusive of VAT, cancel at any time. Monthly, we donate 30% of our total income and brand partners top up with more.
download trundl today

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We love trundl.

Becoming a trundlr means you’re instantly an active part of a like-minded force for good who are making a difference to important UK causes with every trundl.
It’s a walk. But it’s better.

“trundl is brilliant for getting the kids involved in a walk and learning about charities – they always remind me to ’turn on the hedgehog Mum!’’

OdessaDogs and kids trundls