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trundl’s origins

Hil, as a social entrepreneur, first imagined building a community of people who wanted to get active in support of charity 15 years ago.

She believes that it’s not how far or how fast you go, for those that can’t be or don’t want to be motivated by leader boards and “first over the line”, it’s the sense of achievement that matters.

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Our mission

We’d love trundl to become the UK’s leading non-competitive walking community. One that motivates and rewards differently through the act of giving to charity.

meet our fabulous team

There are many brilliant and creative brains behind trundl, here are the stories of the founding duo

Trundl founder Hil



I absolutely love business and all that it entails.
If you meet me, however, you’d soon know that there’s a bit more to me than being a successful business woman and I’m not one to retire on my laurels. Hence trundl.
I want to leave a legacy. “The idea is not to live forever, but to create something that does” is my ambition. But, although that all sounds really serious, I am a very happy go lucky lass and never happier than when I’m out walking however far that may be. Rarely without a smile on my face, I don’t take myself too seriously.
I have a genuine drive to be a force for good and my own journey from being active and taking really good health for granted to developing “dicky hips” as I call them, in my late 40’s, has really shaped trundl’s scope and purposeful mission to be for all ages and for all abilities, sporty or not. As I like to put it:
“it’s not about how far or how fast with trundl, it’s the fact you should be proud of yourself that you didn’t just think about it but you got out and trundled . I don’t mind if you do 50 steps or 50k, everyone, as a collective, pulls together and we do amazing things for good causes”
trundl founder Tess | Trundle founder


Strategy & Marketing

I’ve been lucky enough to spend much of my career working internationally as a strategist for some of the biggest global brands. Wherever I was in the world though, I’d always try to work on projects or volunteer for causes relating to wildlife conservation or autism, so when I returned to the UK with my teenage boys I wanted the next steps in my career to be in support of something truly positive and purposeful.

I’m so thrilled to have met Hil Mines and been able to help her realise the dream of creating a vibrant brand and business like trundl and I can’t wait to see our generous trundl community grow into a real force for good.

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